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Below is a list of recent changes to our website. We can notify you of updates to our website if you join our mailing list which averages about one message a week.

2008.10.14 Website moved to new domain since we lost control of the old domain due to unfortunate circumstances.
2007.04.29 Link to the 2007 Marijuana March event blog added to our index page
2003.12.11 "A package in the Mail" added to our Stories section
2003.04.28 Many links to cannabis-related articles in the Japan Times archives added to our News section
02.02.15 A demonstration for the decriminalisation of cannabis will take place on Saturday, May 4,2002 in Tokyo, along with 130 other cities worldwide! Contact Cannabist (phone: 3-3706-6885, e-mail: for details!
01.04.25 A demonstration for the decriminalisation of cannabis will take place on Saturday, May 5 in Tokyo, along with 120 other cities worldwide! Contact Cannabist (phone: 3-3706-6885, e-mail: for details!
01.01.23 An English translation of Cannabis Control Law now available on our site!
00.09.14 German section of ( site
00.09.12 New pictures of hemp farming in Tochigi prefecture
00.09.10 Article about medical marijuana by Michael Nendick
00.09.05 Lots of new pictures about hemp farming in Gunma prefecture
00.08.01 New article: How long has there been THC-rich cannabis in Japan?
00.06.12 ( on-line again with new server hardware.
00.05.29 ( off-line for relocation to new server.
00.01.16 Story: Busted in Japan.
News: UK, Cancer study, Switzerland.
Asa no ha pictures.
99.12.31 "Hemp as a drug" in Japanese.
99.11.16 MS Square link added.
99.11.13 Krumm Affidavit added.
99.11.12 The Hemp Control Law in Japanese
99.10.25 The Japanese version is on it's way...
99.10.23 Titles changed from GIFs to hemp leaf background
This is in preparation for the Japanese version. Soon come :-)
99.10.03 Industrial hemp in Japan article added
99.09.23 New section: taima stories
99.09.14 Japan hemp directory added
99.07.28 IOM report referenced at NAP site
99.06.27 New Observer article added.
Japanese mailing list added.
99.05.23 New ( e-mail addresses added.
International Drug Conventions added.
Opium in Japan added.
99.05.04 taima CD-ROM information added.
99.04.28 "Hanf in Japan" as published in the May 99 issue of German hemp magazine "Hanf!" (in German).
99.04.27 Drug war facts added.
Main page revised.
99.04.09 taima news file added.
99.03.31 IOM report on medical marijuana now online!
99.02.18 Index for Hemp Library reorganized.
Hemp as a drug reworked,
How many users in Japan? reworked,
Marijuana prices reworked.
99.01.28 Hempen Hero about Ross Rebagliati added.
99.01.26 YaHooka links added.
99.01.18 1873 USDA commissioner report added.
98.12.04 Grinspoon affidavit added.
98.11.30 Australian documents (au1, au2) added.
98.11.03 Meta keyword tags for search engines added
98.10.29 Miasa mura pictures from Anjuna Trance World added
Links to Asakoji and Anjuna Trance World added
98.10.16 goes online. ( is a non-profit organisation researching and publishing information about all aspects of Hemp in Japan. We use this website to share information that we and our contributors have collected. Please contact us if you have information about hemp in Japan that you would like to see published.

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