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The taima CD ROM project

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The taima CD-ROM and the CD icon
If a link is followed by a CD icon like this taima CD-ROM the icon will take you to a CD ROM version of the corresponding article pointed at by the link. This feature is only available if you are browsing the taima CD-ROM.

The taima CD ROM includes the most complete cannabis and drug library available. has permission to distribute the contents of, the largest website about hemp and other drug policy information, with about 10000 files. Our CD also contains Japanese websites such as by Mr Maeda (Taimado), Mr Marui and the Japan Hemp Association (JHA). We would like to include every single Japanese website about cannabis (hemp) that gives us permission to do so.

We also want to include audio and video files about hemp. Right now our CD includes an Apple QuickTime movie file of "Hemp for Victory" taima CD-ROM , a documentary made by the US government in 1942, which we received from Jack Herer.

Because of conditions under which use of some of the documents was granted we can not sell the CD, but we are allowed to make any number of copies to give away and we do welcome donations. Nowadays CDs can be made for little more than 100 yen each and they hold tens of thousands of texts and pictures. For some 100,000 yen we could produce 1000 CDs, to give to not only activists but to every law maker in the country, to journalists, police and to the ministries. We think it is the cheapest way of spreading this information, so if you and enough others contribute we can reach a large number of voters and decison makers and give them a library full of information about hemp.

We can make small numbers of CDs even now. Over 50 have been distributed. We are hoping for your advice, criticism or contribution. Please contact us if you are interested in copies of the CD ROM or if you have documents you would like to see included, or if you want to help making copies.

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