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The "Hemp in Japan" library

the Japanese character for 'hemp'

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See also: Fibre, food, fuel, Marijuana, Medicine, Religion, Law

Welcome to the "Hemp in Japan" Library!
Here you will find many articles about Japanese hemp clipped from newspapers or written by contributors. If you have something that you think should go here, please send us a copy!

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See also: Hemp in Japanese history and culture
See also: Hemp prohibition in Japan
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See also: Other Japanese hemp-related sites articles:
     Hempen Culture in Japan (1998) published in JIHA, Cannabis Culture
     Cannabis in Japan (1999) published in New Observer (Tokyo)
     What is cannabis / hemp / marijuana?
     Hemp in religion
     Hemp for fibre, food and fuel
         How many people use marijuana in Japan? (1998)
         How expensive is marijuana in Japan? (1998)
         When did marijuana arrive in Japan? (2000)
     Hemp as medicine

Hemp in Japanese history and culture:
     Pictury Gallery: Nihon no Asa (Japanese Hemp)
         Old prints about hemp farming (large!)
         Kiseru pipes
         The floating world
         Miasa village (Nagano prefecture)
         Hemp farming in the mountains of Gunma
         Hemp and sumo
         Asa no ha
         Other hemp images
     Hemp: a Japanese encyclopedia entry (1991)
     The emperor wears hemp clothes (1996)
     Miasa town in Nagano prefecture
     Hemp and sumo
     How the Yen got it's name
     An interview with Pon [Yamada Kaiya] (1995)
     Hemp in traditional Japanese Religion (1913)
     Hemp in medieval Japan (1991)
     "It is probably the finest hemp grown in the world" (1873)
     U.S. Department of Agriculture Yearbook on Japanese hemp (1913)
     U.S. Department of Agriculture used Japanese hemp seeds
     A visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan Medicinal Plant Garden (1994)

Hemp prohibition in Japan:
     Paul McCartney arrested for Marijuana (1980)
     A prisoner in the War On Drugs (1996)
     Legal hemp in Shizuoka (1997)
     No decriminalization of cannabis in Japan (1996)
     Japanese marijuana "information" (1995)
     Marijuana use increasing in Japan (1996)
     Hashimoto taking drug battle to school (1997)
     Not much success at interdiction (1997)
     Cannabis eradication in Japan (1998)
     8.3% of students interested in trying drugs (1998)
     Bags of marijuana float ashore (1997)
     100 kg of hashish hidden in furniture (1998)
     Ross Rebagliati: Hempen Hero (1998)
     Japanese citizen to be hanged in Philippines for Marijuana (1994)
     Industrial Hemp in Japan (1999) world news news

taima stories
     cannabis stories

Other Japanese hemp-related sites:
     Taima Do (Tokyo Hemp Shop)  
     Japanese Hemp Association  
     Mr Marui's Japanese website on marihuana  
     Japan Taima Times  

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