HempenCulture in Japan

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Most inspiration and information for this article was discovered while traveling and living in Japan during 1992-95. I became especially interested in hemp as a globally sustainable crop option after witnessing the clear-cutting on Vancouver Island during the Clayoquot blockade actions in 1992. I quickly began looking for ways to find solutions.

After exploring around north-central Europe for a while, I went from my B.C. homeland to Japan. I first settled in Yazu-gun, Tottori-ken on the San-in (Sea of Japan) coast on South-Western Honshu where I lived in the mountains and cultivated kinoko (fungi). Mostly Shiitake and Enokitake.

Shiitake growing in the hills.

I made my way around the rural areas in the Kansai, Chugoku regions of Honshu and then travalled a portion of the O-henrosan Odori ("the pilgrim's path") a series of 88 temples and shrines on the island of Shikoku.

On my second journey, Misa Nakanishi and I traveled North along the San-In coast and spent the harvest season in Nagano-ken near the Japan Alps, living and learning the old ways from a variety of farmers, artists, crafters and hempsters. It was in this area where I began to really understand the depth of hemp's history in Japan as this was a hemp producing region until a few decades ago. During that trip I also visited the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb museum and learned some of the reasons for modern Japan's laws and how they came to be.

Soon after, while living on Micronesian Islands, I continued my inquiries into cannabis and Japanese culture, especially in Palau and Yap which were occupied by the Japanese from for several decades until the end of WW2.
I continue to pursue research into the history, usages and the potential of Hemp in Japan and invite all info, inquires and ideas.

Here's an old Grandma in the hills

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Dave Olson, Olympia, WA Cascadia, 1997

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