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美麻村: Museum

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See also: きせる
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See also: 長野県の美麻村
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See also: 麻の葉
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See also: 美麻村, Hemp cultivation, Hemp tools, Hemp house

Asa no Yakata (Hemp Museum) in Miasa village

Asa no Yakata (Hemp museum)

See more pictures of Miasa Mura and the museum:

Autumn leaves in Miasa Mura Autumn leaves in Miasa Mura Miasa Mura village office Miasa Mura village office
Asa no Yakata (hemp museum)
Asa no Yakata (hemp museum) Separating hemp fibresSeparating hemp fibres
Hemp products
Hemp products Hemp farming and processing toolsHemp farming and processing tools
Spinning wheelSpinning wheel Weaving machine in hemp museumLoom for weaving hemp
Hemp press and hemp ropesHemp press and hemp ropes Old farming pictures from MiasaOld farming pictures from Miasa

Hemp fibre from Miasa Mura

Hemp stalks
Hemp fibre
Hemp fibre

Hemp fibre

See also: 美麻村, Hemp cultivation, Hemp tools, Building with Hemp

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