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Hemp in Gunma

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Hemp in Gunma prefecture

Shinto hemp ceremony in Gunma prefecture (1990)
Shinto priests carrying cannabis plants in the mountains of Gunma prefecture (1990)

Washing stalks in tub:
gnm1001f.jpg, gnm1002f.jpg

Boilers for boiling stalks:
gnm2001f.jpg, gnm2002f.jpg, gnm2003f.jpg, gnm2004f.jpg

Fermenting stalks on straw:
gnm1003f.jpg, gnm1004f.jpg, gnm1005f.jpg

Peeling off bark and fibres:
gnm1006f.jpg, gnm1007f.jpg, gnm1008f.jpg, gnm1009f.jpg, gnm1010f.jpg, gnm1011f.jpg, gnm1012f.jpg, gnm1013f.jpg

Making fibre bundles:
gnm1014f.jpg, gnm1015f.jpg

Drying bundles and stalks:
gnm1016f.jpg, gnm1017f.jpg

Cleaning bark off dried fibre:
gnm1018f.jpg, gnm1019f.jpg, gnm2005f.jpg, gnm2006f.jpg, gnm2007f.jpg, gnm2008f.jpg

Historic pictures from hemp museum in Iwajima:
gnm3010f.jpg, gnm3009f.jpg, gnm3011f.jpg, gnm3012f.jpg, gnm3013f.jpg, gnm3014f.jpg, gnm3015f.jpg, gnm3016f.jpg, gnm3017f.jpg, gnm3018f.jpg, gnm3019f.jpg, gnm3020f.jpg, gnm3021f.jpg
gnm3022f.jpg, gnm3023f.jpg, gnm3007f.jpg, gnm3008f.jpg, gnm3024f.jpg, gnm3025f.jpg, gnm2010f.jpg, gnm2011f.jpg, gnm2014f.jpg, gnm2015f.jpg, gnm2016f.jpg, gnm2017f.jpg, gnm2018f.jpg, gnm2019f.jpg, gnm2020f.jpg, gnm2021f.jpg, gnm2022f.jpg, gnm2023f.jpg
gnm3003f.jpg, gnm3004f.jpg, gnm3005f.jpg, gnm2026f.jpg

Hemp harvest in Gunma:
gnm2024f.jpg, gnm2025f.jpg, gnm2027f.jpg, gnm2028f.jpg, gnm2029f.jpg, gnm3001f.jpg, gnm3002f.jpg

The farmers:
gnm3006f.jpg, gnm2009f.jpg, gnm2012f.jpg, gnm2013f.jpg

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