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  1. Drug Crazy
    by Mike Gray
    Random House, New York
    ISBN: 0-679-43533-6 (hardback)

    "Anybody who thinks the war on drugs is succeeding should read this book. It shifts the burden of proof from the critics of existing policy to its defenders. That is no mean achievement!"

    Eliott Richardson
    former U.S. attorney general

  2. Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure
    by Dan Baum
    Little, Brown and Company
    ISBN: 0-316-08412-3 (hardback)
    ISBN: 0-316-08446-8 (paperback)

    The inside story on three decades of the so called "War on Drugs" in the U.S.A. An absolute must read for anyone interested in the subject of drug prohibition or simply anyone living in the U.S.A.

    'You know, I've been a reporter a long time. In fact, I was a Drug War reporter for a while at the Atlanta Constitution. Usually when you're a reporter, you know what the story is when you start, and your reporting is just a matter of getting all the facts and figures, quotes and color to back it up. But when I started looking into this one, I was just astounded. I would come home every night and would say to my wife, You won't believe what the government can do now. You won't believe how many people are in prison, what has happened to the Bill of Rights and how much money we are spending. She's a journalist too and she was skeptical. She'd say, Oh, you must have that wrong, go back and find it again; and I would go back and find I'd gotten it right the first time.'

  3. Hemp and the marijuana conspiracy: The emperor wears no clothes
    by Jack Herer
    H.E.M.P. / Queen of Clubs Publishing
    ISBN: 1-878125-02-8

    "The authoritative historical record of the cannabis plant, marijuana prohibition and how hemp can still save the world." [from the front page]
    The book that revived both the anti-marijuana prohibition movement and the cultivation and use of industrial hemp. Jack Herer does get a bit too excited in places, so take it with a pinch of salt...

  4. Marijuana reconsidered
    by Lester Grinspoon, M.D.
    QickTrading Company
    ISBN: 0-932551-13-0

    Noted psychiatrist Dr. Lester Grinspoon methodically reviews the scientific, medical and popular literature on the effects of marijuana.

  5. Marihuana, the Forbidden Medicine
    by Lester Grinspoon, M.D. and James B. Bakalar
    ISBN: 0-300-05994-9

    'Cogent and convincing arguments for the legalization of marijuana and its pharmacologically active components... This book provides an excellent overview of the subject from a medical perspective.'

    Robert M. Swift, M.D., Ph.D.
    New England journal of Medicine

  6. Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts
    by Lynn Zimmer PhD, John P. Morgan MD
    ISBN: 0-964156-84-9

    'This is the most accurate book on the effects of marijuana that has appeared to date, an invaluable resource for anyone interested in this popular drug and the question of how society should regulate it'

    Andrew Weil, MD
    Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine, University
    of Arizona College of Medicine
    Author of Spontaneous Healing and
    Natural Health, Natural Healing

  7. Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base
    Janet E. Joy, Stanley J. Watson, Jr., and John A. Benson, Jr.,
    Editors; Institute of Medicine

    ISBN: 0-309-07155-0

    The 1999 scientific report supported by US drug czar Barry McCaffrey that he surely wishes he'd never asked for. General McCaffrey then made the fatal mistake of ordering a study from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the Academy of Sciences. For about $900,000 it was to determine the facts by review existing literature and talking to patients and doctors to determine what is known about marijuana as a medicine. The study confirmed that marijuana has well established medical uses, does not lead to harder drugs, has a lower potential for dependence than alcohol or nicotine and it's side effects are within the range tolerated for other legal medicines. This study has basically destroyed any justification for classifying marijuana with other drugs that are addictive or without established medical use. See for some quotes for details.

  8. Marijuana: Not guilty as charged
    by Dave Ford
    Good Press, Sonoma, California
    ISBN: 0-9655932-5-8

    An exploration of the facts on marijuana. Very readable and a good reference book.

  9. Note: We do not recommend you break the law. The following books are recommended for information purposes only, unless you have a license to cultivate or perform research on hemp. If where you live a government license is required to grow hemp / marijuana, do not attempt to cultivate hemp / marijuana without first obtaining that license! There are very severe penalties for illicit marijuana cultivation in Japan, the U.S. and many other countries.

  10. Marijuana Grower's Guide, deluxe edition
    by Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal
    Red Eye Press, P.O. Box 65751, Los Angeles, CA, 90065-0751
    ISBN: 0-929349-040
    $19.95 / $23.95 spiral bound
    Red Eye's all time best seller. Botany, chemistry, history and cultivation -- indoor and outdoor. This is the classic treatise, known as the Grower's Bible. 426,000 in print. [comment by Red Eye Press]

  11. Marijuana Grower's Handbook (indoor/greenhouse edition)
    by Ed Rosenthal
    Quick American Publishing Company, San Francisco
    ISBN: 0-932551-00-9

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See also: People, Stories, Videos, Addresses, Links.

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